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MASKAFLEX Tire Type Couplings

Most suitable coupling for applications with shock loads, angular misalignment up to 4° and end float up to 1/4".
Fits with our QD bushing for easier installation and dismounting and has greater versatility than the fixed bore style bore without damaging the shaft.
The flexible tire element on these couplings protects components on your shafts by damping vibration and shock. Couplings also handle moderate parallel, angular, and axial shaft misalignment as well as fair amounts of torque. 
Complete Maskaflex Part Number MX 
Maskaflex coupling consists of (2) flanges and (1) element. Specify the bore size required to order the appropriate QD bushing with it.
QD bushing required, Sold seperately (See QD SectionContact us if you need a little help from your friends at Rainbow.