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DC Variable Speed Controls

• The WDC Series variable speed DC motor control is a versatile, general purpose control rated to 2 HP.
• The control has a dual voltage input (may accommodate either 120 or 240 VAC). It is available with an adjustable HP range
of 1/8 thru 1 HP for 120 VAC, and 1/4 thru 2 HP for 240 VAC input.
• Designed for DC Permanent Magnet, Shunt Wound, and some Universal (AC/DC) motors in the above horsepower ranges.
• Incoming AC voltage is also converted to adjustable full wave rectified DC voltage (via a packaged bridge) to operate the
DC motor. Also, a full wave field voltage is provided for shunt wound motors (see page 4 for voltages).
• The control incorporates transient voltage protection with adjustable current limit and an AC fuse for protection. It
features adjustable minimum and maximum speeds along with adjustable acceleration and IR Compensation. Tach feedback
is accomplished thru a connection to a pin (P2) on the printed circuit board.
• The WDC Series has a linear acceleration/deceleration ramp.
• The control also has a barrier type terminal strip for all power and control wiring.
• The enclosed model uses a gasketed cover assembly that is rated NEMA 4/12.
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Product Description
? Dual Voltage - 120/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
? Adjustable Horsepower Settings
? Barrier Terminal Strip
? Packaged Bridge Supply (Fullwave)
? 1% Speed Regulation with Armature Voltage Feedback; ± 1/2% with Tach Feedback
? Adjustable Minimum Speed (0-30% of max.)
? Adjustable Maximum Speed (66-110% of base)
? Adjustable IR Compensation
? Adjustable Linear Acceleration (0.5-8 sec.)
? Adjustable Current Limit to 15 Amps
? Line Voltage Compensation
? 5K Ohm Speed Potentiometer with Leads, Knob and Dial Included
? Power On / Off Switch
? 50:1 Speed Range
? Overload Capacity: 150% for One Minute
? Transient Voltage Protection
? Voltage Following Mode or DC Tachometer Follower by Supplying Underground Analog Input Signal (0-12 VDC)
? DC Tachometer Feedback (6 V at Base Speed)
? Inhibit Circuit - Permits Start and Stop Without Breaking AC Lines
? Remote Start/Stop via Pot Circuit or Inhibit Circuit
? Shunt Field Supply Provided (1 Amp Max.; 100 V for 120 VAC; 200 V for 240 VAC Input)
? AC Line Fuse
? Rated NEMA 4/12 with Threaded Conduit Holes