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Worldwide Motor Controls WDGP VFDs

WorldDrive General Purpose – The WDGP
Built with you, the user in mind. Specalizing in simplicity without sacrificing performance, the
WorldDrive General Purpose variable frequency drive is built with V/F, Slip Compensation and
Sensorless Vector control and has a compact footprint in 6 frame sizes: 0.5HP to 30HP. A user
friendly keypad interface allows for fast and easy parameterization in all of your general purpose
applications. UL, cUL Listed and CE Certified.
Dynamic Braking PID Control
HP ratings from 0.5 – 30, CT/VT
Built in dynamic braking control
Ground fault protection
Built-in PID Loop control
On-board RS-485 ModBus
Features at a Glance
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Simplicity in the palm of your hand