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50-2-C/L Double Strand Conn Link

Model: 50-2-C/L
Roller Chain Double Strand Conn Link
Price Each: 11.26
Total Price: $11.26

Product Details

Manufacture:  AMEC Industrial

Pitch:  0.625

ANSI:  50-2 Riveted

Strand:  Double

Width Between Plates:  0.375

Roller Diameter:  0.400

Tensile Strength:  14100

Weight:  0.3

Connecting links are also commonly known as master links. #50-2 Double Strand connecting links are manufactured specifically for #50-2 double strand roller chain. This connecting link is made to out perform and outlast the traditional connecting link because of the special treatment that it has been through to ensure ultimate performance and durability. It has been heat treated, shock peened, and constructed of premium grade hardened steel. ANSI standard. For More information or if you have any questions please contact us at and we will be happy to assist you.

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