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Jaw couplings are manufactured with a finished bore and are machined from bar steel with standard key seats and hollow head set screw.

MD Flex Flyer can take on parallel, angular, and axial misalignment, plus dampen vibration and shock.  There's no metal-to-metal contact, so there's no need for lubrication.  Connect couplings to your shaft via standard ANSI keyways (except where noted) and four set screws.  For a complete flexible coupling, you need to order two hubs and one rubber element. See keystock in shafting section to order keystock.

4-flex insert enables these couplings to provide good parallel and angular misalignment capability, dampen vibration and shock, and handle medium amounts of torque.  A complete coupling consists of two hubs, one insert (spider). Hubs are steel and ductile iron.  Tires are natural rubber. Inserts are made of: Standard Black material (Rubber) Nitrile Temp Range -40 to + 212F. Other insert materials are: Orange –Urethane Temp Range -30* to +160 and BEIGE- (Hytrel) Temp Range -60* to + 250 F excellent for chemical resistance, Bronze (Gold color) Temp Range -40 to + 450 F. We show only the standard black inserts in the 4-flex section please contact us if you would like a quote on the orange or beige or bronze inserts.

Roller-chain shaft coupling allows excellent torque and angular misalignment capacities. All coupling have a key with standard ANSI keyway dimensions for more secure hold on keyed shafts. To create a complete coupling please order two sprocket hubs and one roller chain. If lubrication is required contact us we can provide a special quote for a cover.