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Shaft Mount Reducers

WORLDWIDE The "Original" SMR Shaft Mount Reducers 
Equivalent in dimensions to the popular TXT = SMR reducer series, our shaft mount speed reducers are standard in the industry. Allow for the transmission of power to conveyors with specs including 9:1 to 25:1 ratios, 1-15/16” to 5-7/16” hollow output bores, metal reinforced double lip spring loaded oil seals, all-cast iron housings, and 2-3 year warranties between our “Original” and “Ultimate” SMRs.SMR 2 year warranty.

WORLDWIDE The "Ultimate" WSMR Shaft Mount Reducer
Designed for OEMs with a stronger cast-iron casing, increased mounting options and an extended three-year warranty, our “Ultimate” shaft mount reducer is the best choice for screw conveying applications and all other shaft mount applications requiring a more rugged design. For this reducer, we offer industry standard CEMA screw conveyor flanges and drive shafts for output bore sizes ranging from 1-15/16” to 3-7/16”, in speed ratios of 9:1,15:1, and 25:1. This reducer is also available in bore sizes 3-15/16” through 4-15/16” for non-screw conveying applications in speed ratios of 15:1 and 25:1. The “Ultimate” provides exceptional reliability backed by a WSMR 3-year warranty.
Accessories for The "Original" and The "Ultimate" Shaft Mount Reducers.