4-Flex Elastomeric Gear-Type Coupling

Type J Sure-Flex Couplings are supplied with die cast alloy flanges and are bored-to-size. Normally, they employ the one-piece JE sleeve, or the one-piece JES sleeve with saw cut to permit replacement where there is insufficient gap between shafts. Spacing between internal flange hubs equals G. Spacing between shafts should be greater than 1/8 in. and less than L minus the sum of the two bore diameters.
The rubber element allows four-way flexing so couplings can take on parallel, angular, axial and torsional misalignment, plus, dampen vibration and shock. With no metal-to-metal contact, there's no need for lubrication. Couplings have a key-way with ANSI dimensions to provide a more secure hold on keyed shafts. To create a complete coupling, order two hubs and one rubber center. To order complete couplings, specify coupling size with flange symbol (J) giving bore and keyseat. Contact us if you need a little help from your friends at Rainbow.