Roller Chain Shaft Couplings Taper-Bushing Type

Roller Chain Shaft Couplings Taper-Lock Bushing Type
Roller Chain couplings allow excellent high torque and angular misalignment capacities. All tapered bushings have a key-way with standard ANSI dimensions for a more secure hold on keyed shafts. Chain Lube or grease is required. To create a complete coupling, order two (sprockets) hubs, one roller chain and two tapered bushings.

  • Sprockets complete unit consists of 2 (sprockets) hubs coupling halves, 2 tapered bushings, and 1 double strand roller chain. Must order separately
  • Chain Required order seprate to join coupler half's together. Only one chain required to complete coupling. Comes with 1 connecting link
  • Tapered Bushings 2 required for complete coupling order seprate
  • Cover order seprate allows for lube and extends life seals included fits.
  • TBH H = Hub side
  • TBF F = Flange side (Sprocket Side)