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Single Groove AL94-1-KW Sheave

Model: AL94-1-KW
Fixed Bore 1 GRV. Sheave for (4L or A Belts)
Price Each: 51.04
Total Price: $51.04

Product Details

Manufacture:  Masterdrive

Grooves:  1

Bore Decimal:  1.0000

Keyway:  1/4 X 1/8

Pulley Diameter:  8.93

Bore Fraction:  1"

Length Through Bore:  1.0620

Pitch:  8.78

Weight:  2.6

Product Files
AL Type Sheaves for light duty cast iron sheaves. (3L & 4L or A Belts)  
AL Sheaves are  The come with or without keyways and are all individually packaged. Applications - Fans, Air Conditioning Units, Furnace Blowers etc.

Order part number size
Example for Ordering
  • AL54-5/8 = No Keyway
  • AL54-5/8KW = Keyway
Note: keyway type has KW at the end of the part number. All sheaves will have two set screws to lock to shaft.