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Single Groove AK46-5/8" Sheave

Model: AK46-5/8"
Fixed Bore 1 GRV. Sheave for (2L 3L 4L or A Belts)
Price Each: 31.76
Total Price: $31.76

Product Details

Manufacture:  AMEC Industrial

Grooves:  1

Keyway:  3/16 X 3/32

Pulley Diameter:  4.45

Pitch Diameter:  4.2

Bore:  5/8"

Weight:  2

Product Files
AK  Finished Bore Sheaves for (2L 3L 4L or A Belts)
AK Sheaves are accurately machined from fine grained cast iron, statically balanced, painted and individually packaged. They are furbished with Standard Keyseats and Hollow Head Setscrews. The V-Belts you that can run in this pulley are 2L, 3L, 4L, or A, V-Belts. The belt series most common for this pulley is the 4L and A section. Keyway not included see keyway section for ordering.