Optibelt Red POWER 3 - 3V, 5V, 8V, V-Belts

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Optibelt RED POWER v-belts feature a high modulous tension cord for a 50% increase in power capacity and no re-tensioning maintenance. It's transverse fiber rubber compound increase the belts capacity to dissipate heat and stabilizes the belt in the sheave for up to 97% efficiency and increased durability. Features  Optibelt's Set-Constant length tolerances that are far closer than any matched set, regardless of the date manufactured! "
MAINTENANCE FREE: Low stretch cords and transverse fiber rubber eliminate the need for tension maintenance.
MORE POWER: Transfers up to 50% more power than conventional belts.
MATCHED SETS: S=C Plus length tolerances that are much closer than industry accepted matched-set tolerances, regardless of the date manufactured.
INCREASED LIFE: Rubber impregnated fabric wrap is bonded with the belt's core for superior durability.
GREATER EFFICIENCY: Up to 97% efficient at transferring power.
ANTI-STATIC: Meets ISO 1813 requirements for being anti-static.
IDLER FRIENDLY: Flex range accomodates difficult idler stress."