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Optibelt VARIO POWER Inch Variable Speed Belts

VARIO POWER are the preferred choice for demanding infinite varable speed control drives. The unique structure is designed to handlr highly dynamic loads and transfer more power than conventional variable-speed belts.
  • Performance: Capable of transfering heavy loads.
  • Extended Life: Low-stretch fiberglass cords resist stretching and specialized abrasion-resistant bonded fabric cover for longer belt life.
  • Temperature Range: Increased ranges from -22° to 212° F
    The belt number is complete description of the belt, for example 4432V970
    44 Top width in 16ths of an inch: 48/16" = 3"
    30 Angle of sheave groove = 30°
    V Indicates "Variable Speed"
    970 Pitch Length in 10th's of an inch = 97°