Optibelt-SK 3V 5V 8V Wedge Belts

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Opti Belt "SK 3V, 5V, 8V Wedge™ PERFORMANCE V-BELTS
SK feature Optibelt's Set-Constant length tolerances, which are always superior to matched-set lengths regardless of the date manufactured. Any drive running multiple single v-belts will have more power, performance, and efficiency, simply by running an Optibelt v-belt. The rubber core is an engineered blend of natural and synthetic rubber compounds. The core is then 2X wrapped in rubber impregnated fabric which is bonded to the rubber core to improve grip and durability. "
RELIABILITY: Engineered core rubber compound and cords offer superior resistance to stretching and premature wear.
POWER: SK standard and metric profiles transmit 33% more horsepower than classical v-belt profiles.
DURABILITY: Rubber impregnated fabric wrap is bonded with the belt's core for superior durability.
EFFICIENCY: Fabric wrap increases the belts ability to grip in the sheave.
MATCHED SETS: S=C Plus manufacturing tolerances ensure every belt is closer than industry length standards for a matched-set belt, regardless of date manufactured."
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