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Optibelt ZR 165L050 Timing Belt

Model: 165L050
Optibelt Timing Belt
Price Each: 20.14
Total Price: $20.14

Product Details

Manufacture:  Optibelt

Brand Name:  ZR

Belt Section:  L

Pitch:  .375

Outside Length (in.):  16.5

Number Of Teeth:  44

Width (in.):  1/2

Weight:  0.04

Tension Member:  NEO FIBERGLASS

PERFORMANCE: Glass fiber cords provide superior strength and pulling force.
DURABLE: Fabric cover provides for increased wear and chemical resistance.
STRENGTH: Engineered rubber compound for a tooth structure with superior shear strength.
TEMPERATURE RANGE: Increased operation range -22 to 212°F.
ANTI-STATIC: Meets ISO 9563 requirements for being anti-static.