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Taper-Lock Bushing 1610-1"

Model: 1610-1"
Taper-Lock Bushing
Price Each: 17.04
Total Price: $17.04

Product Details

Type:  1610

Bore:  1"

Weight:  0.9

Product Files
Taper-Lock Bushings
Mount these hubless bushings flush into your sprocket or pulley for a slim profile with no protruding screws. These steel bushings are for use with taper-lock coupling sprockets of the same bushing style. As you tighten the included set screws, the bushing grips the shaft and pulls it into your sprocket or pulley. Bushings have an 8° taper. Taper-Lock Bushings have either a standard ANSI keyway or a shallow keyway. Bushings with a standard ANSI keyway do not come with a key. Bushings with a shallow keyway come with a key.