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Huskey General Purpose Grease

HUSKEY DYNA-MITE RED - A semi-synthetic, highly water-resistant, extreme pressure, non-melting grease with a distinctive red color for identification purposes. Formulated with special polymers, it has a high film strength and a natural affinity to metal surfaces. Designed for harsh service environments such as oven conveyor bearings, disc brake wheel bearings, couplings, cranes, etc. Operating temperature 10°F to 525°F

HUSK-ITT Corporation also offers a wide variety of products that are formulated for your application needing Industrial Greases. 
  • General Purpose
  • Greases w/ Moly, Graphite & PTFE
  • Green Lubricants
  • Hi-Temp Grease
  • Low-Temp Greases
  • Open Gear Lubricants
  • Silicone Lubricants