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SAF-T-LOK R42 Green

Model: R42-64321
T42 Green 10 ml Bottle DotThreadlocker Blue NSF Certified
Price Each: 27.36
Total Price: $27.36

Product Details

Manufacture:  SAF-T-LOK

Size:  10 ml

Retaining Compound:  R42

Color:  Green

Viscosity (cps at 12 rpm):  400

Gap Filling (in. Max):  .010

Locking Shear (psi):  4000

Cure Time:  24 Hours

Cure Time with Primer T:  1-6 (hr)

Weight:  .001

Cure Time without Primer T:  24 (hr)

Temperature Limit:  350°F

Product Files
Threadlocker Adhesive
Anaerobic Adhesive Threadlockers

Other SAF-T-LOK Products
Developed from the latest technology, SAF-T-LOK® Threadlocker adhesives are designed to provide performance characteristics that others only talk about. SAF-T-LOK has been the primary supplier of threadlockers to the space program and the US Military as well as leading edge industries.

SAF-T-LOK® Anaerobic Adhesives/Sealants reliably lock and seal metal assemblies in a wide range of applications. Anaerobic threadlockers cure to a tough resilient plastic shim in the absence of air and presence of metal. By safely holding components they eliminate loosening and costly breakdowns and damage to equipment from vibration and shock, thus providing a SAF-T factor in engineering design.

Available with certificates of conformance, SAF-T-LOK® Threadlocker Adhesives are provided in a broad range of strengths and viscosities meeting Military Specification MIL-S-46163 and MIL-S-22473 as well as ASTM D5363. Thread Locker adhesives can be applied manually from the ergonomically designed bottles or through automatic dispensing systems.

Selection of the correct grade will:
  • Reduce Product Assembly Cost
  • Prevent Part Loosening
  • Eliminate Fluid Leakage
  • Assure removability
  • Improve Product Reliability

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