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Continental HY-T® Wedge Torque Team® 2/5V1180

Model: 2/5V1180
HY-T® Wedge Torque Team®
Price Each: 313.90
Total Price: $313.90

Product Details

Manufacture:  Continental

Belt Section:  5V

Belt Style:  Non-Cogged

Number Of Ribs:  2

Outside Length (in.):  118

Cross Section Width (inch):  1.375

Weight:  3.34

2/5V1180 - 5V - 2 Band 1.375 Wide (in.) 118" Outside Lgth. (in.) 17/32" Thick (in.) ContiTech HY-T® Wedge Torque Team® Banded V-Belts are high horsepower belts constructions that are identified with 3V and 5V prefix and are available in lengths up to 140 inches. Banded V-belts are recommended for use where vibration or whip causes unsatisfactory results when conventional multiple single V-belts are used. Banded V-belts are usually better suited to unusual drive situations than are matched belt sets. Narrow cross sections available (3V, 3VX, 5V, 5VX and 8V) for the 5V Section you can find the pulleys by clicking on this link 5V Section QD Bushing Type pulleys Torque Team Banded V-belts are available in the Classical cross sections (A, B, BX, C, CX and D),to run just about any drive speed you need. Call us or Contact Us if you have any questions.