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FHP 4L V-Belts

Continental® FHP V-Belts
The cogged design of our FHP V-belts (standard on 4L and 5L sizes) provides a greater surface area for heat dissipation and allows increased air flow around the belt during operation. These factors help to reduce internal belt temperatures and greatly improve belt life. Of course, the cogged design also improves flexibility, an especially important consideration where minimum or substandard sheave diameters are involved. Low cross section vibration in rubber-edged, cogged belts reduces noise generation. This allows you to take advantage of the longer life and high efficiency of FHP V-belts in noise-sensitive equipment. But even in typical factory settings, our FHP V-belts contribute to a quieter operating environment.Key features and benefits are; Universal classical profile. Engineered rubber cushion and insulation. Cut-edge, molded cogged construction. Heat, ozone, and abrasion resistant.
Applications: For light-duty fractional horsepower motors. Molded cogs allowed for use in applications where the belt is expected to perform around smaller sheave diameters. Shop equipment, Light-Duty machinery, Home appliances, Blowers. Check out our (pulleys) and if you have any questions Contact Us.