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Torque - Flex CX V-Belts

Continental® HY-T Torque Team Classical belts Cut-Edge provide Optimum Performance are available in a cut-edge construction with cogs for increased flexibility and heat dissipation or envelope construction for drives where pulsation, shock loads, high tension, and long centers are involved.HY-T Torque Team Cogged belts are high horsepower belt constructions identified with a BX or CX prefix and are available in lengths up to 136?. The cogged construction provides the high flexibility required for short center distances. The cogs also provide a larger surface area to dissipate heat and to prolong belt life.HY-T Torque Team Envelope belts are identified with a B or C prefix and both cogged and non-cogged are static conductive. They are recommended for drives where pulsation, shock loads,high tension, and long centers are involved. See pulley section and if you have any question Contact Us.