Open End V-Belting A B C

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Continental® Open End V-Belting is the ideal solution for problem applications and emergency replacements. Open End V-Belting is the perfect answer for applications where endless V-belts are difficult or impossible to install. It also serves as an ideal emergency replacement when the exact length of endless belt is not readily available. These belts will operate in any drive as long as ARPM standard sheave dimensions are observed and the recommended maximum speed of 3,500 feet per minute is not exceeded. It is not recommended as a permanent substitute for endless V-belts except on drives where standard belts cannot be installed. See pulley section and if you have any question Contact Us.

Key features & benefits
  • Universal Classical profile.
  • Multiple-ply, square-woven fabric tension members.
  • Oil, heat, ozone and abrasion resistant.
  • Easy installation with spliced ends.
  • Static conductive.*