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Flat Belting (Truly Endless)

Continental® Flat Cord transmission belts are made with a single-layer, reinforcing section for a cross section which is thinner by 25% or more compared to plied belts of equal horsepower capacity. Flat belts are furnished in an abrasion-resistant rubber construction. They can be made with oil-resisting synthetic rubber compounds on special order in widths from 1 to 36 inches and lengths from 25 inches to 135 feet. Continental® Truly Endless Multiple Ply belt is another product in the Truly Endless line. The round-and-round fabric construction can be split into multiple belts from one slab, representing great cost savings.

  • Harvesting equipment›Soil handling
  • Textiles and forestry
  • Food processing
  • Hay equipment
  • Chain replacement
  • Industrial equipment
  • Health and fitness