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Continental FHP V-Belt 3L160

Model: 3L160
FHP V-Belt
Price Each: 8.30
Total Price: $8.30

Product Details

Manufacture:  Continental

Belt Section:  3L

Width (in.):  3/8

Thickness:  0.22

Weight:  0.06

Interchange:  GATES 1160

SAP #:  20042684

FHP V-belt 3L160 - 3/8" Top Width - 16" (in.) Lgth.

3L FHP Belts low cross section vibration in rubber-edged, reduces noise generation. This allows you to take advantage of the longer life and high efficiency of FHP V-belts in noise sensitive equipment. But even in typical factory settings, ContiTech FHP -belts contribute to a quieter operating environment. Visit our pulley section and you can run our A-Section pulleys for 3L V-Belts. If you have any questions Contact Us.