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Continental FHP V-Belt 4L230

Model: 4L230
FHP V-Belt
Price Each: 9.77
Total Price: $9.77

Product Details

Manufacture:  Continental

Belt Section:  4L

Width (in.):  0.5

Outside Length (in.):  23

Thickness:  0.31

SAP #:  20042749

Interchange:  GATES 2230

Weight:  0.12

FHP V-belt 4L230 - 1/2" Top Width - 23" (in.) Lgth.

The cogged design of ContiTech 4L FHP Belts are standard and provides a greater surface area for heat dissipation and allows increased air flow around the belt durning operation.These factors help to reduce internal belt temperatures and greatly improve belt life. Of course, the cogged design also improves flexibility, an especially important consideration where minimum or substandard sheave diameters are involved. The 4L  low cross section vibration in cogged-edged, reduces noise generation. This allows you to take advantage of the longer life and high efficiency of FHP V-belts in noise sensitive equipment. But even in typical factory settings, ContiTech FHP V-belts contribute to a quieter operating environment. Visit our pulley section and you can run our A-Section pulleys for 4L V-Belts. If you have any questions Contact Us.