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Continental HY-T® Plus Classical V-belt B112

Model: B112
HY-T® Plus Classical
Price Each: 40.35
Total Price: $40.35

Product Details

Manufacture:  Continental

Belt Section:  B

Width (in.):  0.66

Outisde Length (in.):  115

Thickness:  0.41

SAP #:  20042127

Weight:  1.12

HY-T® Plus Classical V-belt B112 B-Section .66 in. Top Width .41 in. Thick Outside Lgth. 115"

ContiTech B Section Vytacord® V-belts provides the high-strength, high-horsepower rating capacity needed to effectively transmit today's drive power. It is even tough enough to tolerate slight sheave misalignment that would quickly destroy ordinary belts. Designed for operating at high speeds over small diameter pulleys and short center distances. Also for use in multiple V-belt drives where high shock load and heavy-duty loads are encountered. Therefore, less inventory is required for HY-T® Plus (Classical) applications. The result a reduced inventory that equates to dollars taken off the shelves and into your pocket.  Use any of our B-section pulleys and A-B Combination pulleys. Also, if you have any questions Contact Us we would be glad to help.