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Continental HT-Y Wedge® V-Belt 5V2000

Model: 5V2000
HT-Y Wedge® V-Belt
Price Each: 143.37
Total Price: $143.37

Product Details

Manufacture:  Continental

Belt Section:  5V

Outside Length (in.):  200

Width (in.):  0.62

Thickness:  05300

SAP #:  20042614

Weight:  2.39

5V2000 - 5V - 5/8" Top Width (in.) 200" Outside Lgth. (in.) 0.53" Thick (in.) ContiTech TLP® Narrow V-belts are Excellent in short-center distance drives or where high shock loads are present; can be used any place you find traditional Narrow V-belts, but require a more robust composition for improved service life. Durability that goes the distance Wedge TLP® V-belts fit better in worn pulleys. That is because of its two envelope plies and specialty blend, fiber-rich compounding that help support increased horsepower, with less deformation under tension. If you need to change out your pulleys we have great prices and availabilty. Select from our 5V QD Bushing Type Pulleys. Also if you have questions or need help working up a drive Contact Us.