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Continental HY-T® Wedge Belt 5VX630

Model: 5VX630
HY-T® Wedge V-Belt
Price Each: 56.30
Total Price: $56.30

Product Details

Manufacture:  Continental

Belt Section:  5VX

Width:  0.62

Outside Length (in.):  63

Weight:  0.57

SAP #:  20052281

5VX630 - 5VX Cogged 0.62 Top Width 63" Outside Lgth. 0.31" Thick (in.) ContiTech HY-T® Wedge Cogged belts are high horsepower belts constructions that are identified with 3VX and 5VX prefix and are available in lenghts up to 200 inches. The cogged construction provider the high flexibility required for short center distances. The cogs also provide a larger surface area to dissipate heat and prolong belt life. We have a complete selection of 5V Pulleys and bushings to choose from. If you would like us to help you figure out a drive Contact Us when you are ready.