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Continental Torque Flex® V-belt AX44

Model: AX44
Torque Flex®
Price Each: 20.11
Total Price: $20.11

Product Details

Manufacture:  Continental

Belt Section:  AX

Width (in.):  1/2

Construction:  COGGED

Thickness:  0.31

Outside Length (in.):  46

SAP #:  20039483

Weight:  0.280

Torque Flex® V-belt AX44 Top Width 1/2" - Thick .31" - Outside Lgth. 46" (in.)
ContiTech Torque-Flex belt is built with Vytacord tension members, a synthetic reinforcement that increases overall tensile strength and lends dimensional stability so that drive performance is more consistent and predictable over the life of the belt. The Torque-Flex V-belt has 25-30 percent higher power ratings than standard V-belts resulting in increased energy efficiency of up to four percent, depending on the sheave diameter. The belt is backed in oil- and abrasion-resistant fabric, providing longitudinal flexibility and lateral strength to the belt. The cushion of the Torque-Flex V-belt is crush-resistant, reducing downtime and belt replacement cost over time. See our A Section pulleys for designing a new application or fixing an old drive. If you need help or have questions please Contact Us