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ContiTech L Light (0.375" Pitch)

Model: 165L050
Number of Teeth 44 Outside Lgth. 16.5" Wide 0.750"
Price Each: 15.64
Total Price: $15.64

Product Details

Manufacture:  ContiTech

Pitch/ Datum:  0.375

Number Of Teeth:  44

Width (in.):  0.5000

Outside Length (in.):  16.5"

SAP #:  20043724

Weight:  0.040

ContiTech Pd® Positive DriveTiming Belts have precision-molded teeth to deliver the synchronized power you need. Because they are made of specially compounded rubber, reinforced with high-strength stable fiberglass tensile cord members, and have a long wearing nylon facing, they are durable and provide a smooth, precise operation.
Nearly every conceivable industrial drive application where precise shaft synchronization is required. Positive drive belts can also be an alternative to problem V-belt and chain drive. Click the link see our Positive Drive Pulley Section.