Falcon Pd® 8M, 14M Timing Belts

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Falcon Pd® Belts and Falcon® pulleys Soar with the latest drive system innovation. Pushing technology to new heights, Falcon Pd® gives your drive system performance wings. Demand more from your drive systems. With Falcon Pd® you can expect the same long-lasting, maintenance-free performance in your low speed, high-torque drives that you get with the rest of your drive systems. Falcon Pd® is a great choice for any new design or replacement. Excellent in applications where chain drives are noisy and greasy, requiring constant maintenance. Example: 8GTR-640-21 = Gates 8MGT-640-21. Runs under increased continuous operating temperature to 210° F. Rainbow Precision Products is an authorized distributor of Continental® products. Check out our pulley section and if you have any questions Contact us.