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ContiTech Blackhawk Pd® 14M Belts

ContiTech Blackhawk® HTD 14M Nearly every conceivable industrial drive application where precise shaft synchronization is required. Blackhawk Pd® belts can also be used as an alternative to problem V-belt and chain drives.Unlike chain drives, Blackhawk Pd® sprockets and matching belts do not require lubrication. There is virtually no need for retensioning like there is for V-belt and chain drives. Install Blackhawk Pd® and watch your maintenance costs drop to practically nothing.

Part No: 1190 14M BH 65
  • 1190 = mm Pitch Length
  • 14M = 14 mm Pitch
  • BH = Blackhawk Belt
  • 20 = 20 mm Wide 
  • 14M Pitch come in standard width's of 20 mm, 42 mm, 65 mm, 90 mm,120 mm
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