Positive Drive Pd® MXL, XL, L, H, XH, XXH, Timing Pulleys

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Continental® Timing belts and pulleys are available in a wide range of loads, speeds and applications. We offer five stock pitches and stock widths and diameters. Circular pitch (usuall referred to as pitch) is a consideration in selection of timing pulleys. Pitch is the distance between groove centers and is measured on the pulley pitch circle on the belt , pitch is the distance between tooth centers and is measured on the pitch line of the belt. Note a belt of one pitch cannot be used with pulleys of a different pitch.The pulleys (MPB) minimum plain bore will need to be machined to fit prefered shaft size, set screws and keyway. QD-Quick dissconnect pulleys use a QD bushing and the required bushing can be chosen for desired shaft. Flanged pulleys because timing belts have an inherent, gentle side thrust, it is necessary to use at least one flanged pulley to prevent the belt from riding off. Generally, for economy, the smaller pulley in each drive is flanged. In this section we offer steel pulleys but can provide alumimun on you're request. Contact Us. if you would like us to quote alumimun or machined finished bores.