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Polyurethane STD Synchronous Belts

Polyurethane Belts ELATECH * Belts Distributed By ContiTech AT5 Available Width (mm) Sizes 10,12,16,20, 25, 32, 50,75,100 Standard roll 100 meters (328 FT)
ELATECH Polyurethane belts are a combination of a polyurethane body reinforced with special steel or aramid tension members to fulfill the most severe industrial requirements. 
ContiTech ELATECH product styles include: 
  • ELATECH M - Open End
  • ELATECH V - Jointed
  • ELA-flex SD - Truly Endless
Wide Range of Backing and Cleat Attachments
The unique chemical and mechanical characteristics of polyurethane belts along with the possibility of variety of backings are ideal for conveying applications. 

It is possible to attach a variety of cleats on all of ELATECH's polyurethane belts for conveying handling and positioning.
Built for Extreme Conditions
The chemical properties of polyurethane belting make them highly resistant to:
  • Hydrolysis
  • Ozone
  • UVA
  • Aging
  • Oil, greases and fats
  • Gasoline
  • Good resistance acids
ELATECH's product line has a working temperature range of 15° deg. F. 175° deg. F (peaks up to 230° deg. F)