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Hawk Pd® 5M Timing Pulleys

Continental® Hawk Sprockets
HTD synchronous belt drives combine the positive timing action of gears with the flexibility, speed and low noise level of belts. 
Continental® HTD sprockets are manufactured in various sizes, dimensions and capacities to meet industry requirements -- from speeds as low as 10 RPM to speeds over 5,000 RPM and horsepower ratings from fractional to more than 250 HP.
FeaturesAll parts are completely machined in cast iron; some parts made from steel, Positive, non-slip drive,  No lubrication necessary, non-stretch, Smooth operation: no chain drive that results in vibration and speed variation,  Clean operation, long-life expectancy, low maintenance,Quiet; no metal-to-metal contact. See QD required bushing for sprocket sold seprately if applicable.