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Open End Metric T Pd® 6M,7M,10M,15M,16M,20M,25M,30M,32M,(Trapezoidal Tooth) Synchronous Belts

ContiTech Open End Belt Pd™ belts formally Goodyear Open End Belt Pd™ belt are the economical and trouble-free drive solution. In power transmission or synchronization applications such as conveying, linear motion, or positioning, belts are the economical and trouble-free drive solution.
Economy is derived from the Open End Pd™ belt's reduced bulk weight and lower cost compared to chain drives. Precision-molded teeth efficiently deliver the required power while running smoother and quieter than chain drives. They require less maintenance, as well as provide more design options.
ContiTech Open End Pd™ Belts are available in Hawk Pd™, Falcon Pd™, Positive Drive Pd™, Super Torque Pd™, and Metric T Pd™ constructions. Regardless of application, the entire product line is designed to provide increased belt life, reduced overall costs, and lower noise generation. In short, Open End Pd™ synchronous belts give you the power to drive your designs better than ever.