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Super Torque Pd® S4.5M Timing Belts

ContiTech Super Torque Pd?® The original Goodyear design Super Torque Pd® belts are designed for high-capacity performance. They are also made of the higest quality marerials. The tension members are made from high-strength, stable fiberglass. They have excellent flex life and are resistant to elongation. The backing is made of ContiTech proprietary compound technology that is highly heat-resistant and shear-resistant. And the nylon facing is fabricated to provide low friction interface between belt and sprocket. If you need help selecting your belt please feel free to call or Contact Us.

Part No: 100S4.5M175
  • 100 = 10 mm Width 
  • S = Super Torque Positive Drive Belt
  • 4.5M = 4.5 mm Pitch - Modified Round Tooth Profile
  • 175 = 175 mm Pitch Length
  • Contact Us with your requirement