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SilentSync Goodyear Eagle NRG Blue Timing Pulley

SilentSync Belts Color Spectrum System – color-coded part numbering system of belts and sprockets make it easier to select proper drive combinations. Match the color and you’ve matched the correct belt and sprocket.
MPB = (Minimum Plain Bore) referrers to plain bore or MPB, simply un-tapered bores drilled through the center of a sprocket.
QD-Bushings and H bushings for sprockets give you the flexibility to use the same sprocket with different shaft diameters. Purchase Taper-Bushings (Sold separately) to match the bore sizes.
QD bushings Inch and Metric H or QT bushings are easy to install and remove. They are split through flange and taper to provide a true clamp on the shaft that is the equivalent of a shrink fit. Bushings have a very gradual taper (3/4-inch taper per ft. on the diameter)