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Hawk Pd® Belt 800-8M-20

Model: 800-8M-20
ContiTech Hawk Pd® Pitch - 8MM
Price Each: 40.43
Total Price: $40.43

Product Details

Manufacture:  ContiTech

Pitch Datum MM:  8

Number Of Teeth:  100

Belt Section:  Hawk

Outisde Lgth. MM:  800

Width MM:  20

SAP #:  20262790

Weight:  0.220

Universal tooth profile Hawk Pd® 8M Timing belts are precisely designed and manufactured to fit the majority of existing high-capacity synchronous applications. Hawk Pd® can fulfill most existing drive requirements in its class. Unlike chain drives, Hawk Pd® 8M matching pulleys and belt do not require lubrication. There is also virtually no need for retensioning like there is for V-belts and chain drives. Install Hawk Pd® and reduce your maintenance cost. MPB (minimum plain bore) will need to be machined to fix your shaft requirement. For convenience Quick Disconnect bushings pulleys see 
QD required bushing if you need help selecting you drive Contact Us.