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Hawk Pd® P32-5M-25-MPB

Model: P32-5M-25-MPB
Price Each: 87.07
Total Price: $87.07

Product Details

Pitch Datum MM:  5

Brand Name:  Hawk Pd®

Number Of Teeth:  32

Bore/ Bushing Type:  MPB

Width MM:  25

Interchange:  Gates PowerGrip® HTD® Sprockets

SAP #:  20182280

Weight:  1.1

Hawk QD Sprockets
HTD synchronous belt drives combine the positive timing action of gears with the flexibility, speed and low noise level of belts. 
Continental ContiTech HTD sprockets are manufactured in various sizes, dimensions and capacities to meet industry requirements -- from speeds as low as 10 RPM to speeds over 5,000 RPM and horsepower ratings from fractional to more than 250 HP.
MPB = (Minimum Plain Bore) referrers to plain bore or MPB, simply un-tapered bores drilled through the center of a sprocket. We also offer alteration for non standard bore sizes.
Features: All parts are completely machined in cast iron; some parts made from steel, Positive, non-slip drive,  No lubrication necessary, non-stretch, Smooth operation: no chain drive that results in vibration and speed variation,  Clean operation, long-life expectancy, low maintenance,Quiet; no metal-to-metal contact 
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