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Synchrochain® CTD8M-1120-36

Model: CTD8M-1120-36
ContiTech Synchrochain® 8M Carbon HTD Belt
Price Each: 184.86
Total Price: $184.86

Product Details

Manufacture:  ContiTech

Pitch Datum MM:  8

Brand Name:  Synchrochain®

Number Of Teeth:  140

Outside Length MM:  1120

Width MM:  36

Interchange:  GATES 8MGT 8M-1120-36

SAP #:  20800004

Weight:  0.53

Product Files

It's time for the best CONTI® SYNCHROCHAIN CARBON Developed for maximum loads. Carbon makes the difference! Higher power capacity, longer service lives and hardly any initial tension loss. With a newly developed carbon tension member at its heart, Conti® Synchrochain Carbon is launching itself into the leading position among the world’s highest-performance timing belts. Synchrochain belts run on the Falcon sprocketsThe curved profile of the GTR Falcon HTC® belt, available in both 8M and 14M pitches, insures excellent performance both in terms of quietness and precision engagement. Taper-Lock Bushings  are sold separately see required bushing for each sprocket. Contact Us