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Continental SilentSync White W-1000 Timing Belt

Model: W-1000 SilentSync
Continental SilentSync (Formally) Goodyear Eagle NRG®
Price Each: 114.27
Total Price: $114.27

Product Details

Manufacture:  Continental

Number Of Teeth:  125

Belt Section:  Eagle NRG White

Pitch Datum MM:  8

Outside Length (in.):  39.37

Width MM:  32

Interchange:  W1000 Goodyear Eagle NRG, W-1000 Goodyear Eagle NRG

SAP #:  20038811

Weight:  0.3

Product Files

SilentSync’s patented Helical Offset Tooth (H.O.T.) design merges belt and sprocket into the quietest, smoothest and one of the most compact synchronous drive packages available. The result is a continuous rolling tooth engagement that reduces vibration and improves the overall efficiency of your drive system.

SilentSync Advantages: 
  • Up to 25% more power capacity
  • Static conductivity
  • Up to 19dB quieter than straight tooth belts
  • Over 1,500 possible sprocket combinations
  • Rated for continuous service at 200° F
  • Up to 98% energy efficiency